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I am Jyoti Vaktaniya 40 year old .We were trying for pregnancy since 20 years and tried all modalities of treatment including 2 cycles of IVF. So we just stopped all treatment and accepted the reality that we will never get a child. Then we attended a camp arranged by Bliss IVF and started treatment again putting 100% trust on Dr. Pankaj chaklashiya. And unbelievably I got positive result. I can’t express my feelings. Thanks a lot Dr. Pankaj and team of Bliss IVF for opening new chapter in my life.


I am Ramilaben, 44 year old and living in Surat. I have 25 years of marriage life and tried for pregnancy since many years. During my treatment I came to know that I was having genital tuberculosis and I underwent laparoscopy suggesting tubal blockage. I took treatment (AKT) for tuberculosis and underwent one cycle of IVF. But it failed So we thought that we l never get a baby now. But when I came to know about Bliss IVF from our relatives who got positive results there, we immediately visited Dr. Pankaj Chaklashiya , who assured us for result. Keeping trust in doctors I underwent IVF treatment and got positive result. Thanks a lot Dr. Pankaj and team for creating this miracle.


Namste !!! I am Bhanuben , 41 years old. We have completed 20 years of our married life. I passed 18 years of suffering because of not getting pregnant. I tried all fertility treatment including IVF but we did not get any result. I consulted many doctors in Surat and our village but from every where we returned without result.Then once my relative told me about “ Bliss IVF Institute.So I visited Bliss Test tube baby centre and I consult ed Dr. Bhavesh Hirpara. I am very lucky that finally I found best hospital and Doctor. Dr.Bhavesh treated us very nicely and calmly. He provided us best services. Entire staff of Bliss is very nice . Nursing staff is very caring. Once again we are really thankful to Dr. Bhavesh Hirpara for making us reborn as a parents.


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Dr. Bhavesh Hirpara ,I am very pleased with the results of your treatment. You were very helpful and listened to my Problems. Everything is going nicely. It’s clear you did amazing job. It was a big deal for me and I had some concerns, as you know. You explained everything in detail very nicely. I made the right decision and came to right person for help. So I thank you sincerely for your expertise and professionalism. Thanks to Bliss IVF for making my dream come true.



I was suffering from infertility since 18 years. I had taken so many fertility treatment in Mehsana and Surat but did not get any positive result. I had taken IVF cycle treatment at Surat’s famous hospital, and through that get Pregnancy but I had complications during pregnancy at 5 months and had preterm delivery at 6 month  and I lost my baby along with all hope for future and got depressed . Then I heard about BlissIVF. I thought once we should try that and I consulted Dr. Pankaj Chaklashiya (IVF specialist) and he gave me assurance for pregnancy and emotional Support. Then I started IVF treatment and few months letter I got positive result.


The best reference


I am Dharmishthaben Sonavale , 32 years old . I have only one baby girl who is 13 years old. Me and my Husband were trying for another baby but we could not succeed. We tried various treatment modalities of infertility at 7 big hospitals of Surat. I had 3 IUI Cycles but then also I didn’t get any Result. I lost my Hope to become Pregnant again and got depressed. Lastly my family Doctor suggest me to Consult Dr. Pankaj Chaklasiya(IVF Specialist ) once. Then as last hope I visited Bliss IVF hospital and Test tube baby centre , Dr. Pankaj assured me for Pregnancy. He suggested me one cycle of IUI and unbelievably I got positive result in first effort at BIiss IVF.I have no words to express my feelings.   I delivered healthy baby boy.Our family is complete now. We are very thankful to Dr. Pankaj and Bliss Test tube baby Centre entire team. God bless them. Once again thanks a for bringing happiness in our life.


I was suffering from Infertility since 10 years. We tried various infertility treatment at Surat & Ahmedabad.I had tried 6 IUI Cycles at different Gynce Hospital in Ahmedabad and Surat. Finally by God bless my relative suggested me to consult Dr. Pankaj Chaklashiya at BlissIVF Suart. After consulting him I underwent IVF Treatment  and got the positive pregnancy result in First cycle. Finally on 12th Nov,I blessed with a very beautiful baby Angel.


I am 35 year old and live in west bengal. I have infertility since 18 years. I have taken treatment for infertility from many hospitals. I lost my hope for pregnancy. Then I went to Bliss IVF for last try. And our last try turned to b the best thing we ever did. I can’t forget that great day when Dr.Pankaj told me about my positive pregnancy result. And I’m 5 months pregnant at present with everything going so smoothly. Thank u so much Dr. Pankaj and team for giving meaning to our life.

Parita Jashwant

What our patient say


Me and my husband were trying for baby,since 23 years but we didn’t get any positive result. At present I’m not having my menstrual periods and menopause since 2 years. We also tried various treatment from experienced doctors even IVF in Ahmedabad, but my 2 IVF cycles were failed. I lost my all hope. My sister had  taken IVF treatment at BlissIVF. And she suggested me to consult Dr. Pankaj Chaklashiya  and started taking  infertility treatment by him. After starting  treatment from Dr. Pankaj, we got successful result.We are very thankful to Doctor and BlissIVF entire Team.



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